It is so important for everyone to have an opportunity to "hear" the Word of God.

He has gone through such great lengths to provide a way of reconciling sinful mankind unto Himself.  He wants all to know about it and then to respond to his invitation for forgiveness and salvation.

Take time out of your busy schedule and develop a habit of listening to what God has to say to you.  

  • Book of 1John - chapter 25:47

  • Book of 1John - chapter 34:26

For the most part, seeing is believing.  Learning something by word of mouth leaves room for misunderstanding, but witnessing an event firsthand gives a person's testimony special significance. John's first letter to the church makes it clear that he had indeed witnessed Jesus Christ with his own two eyes and that he really knew Jesus.  This first epistle was prompted by a heretical faction that had developed within the church.  The faction had distorted the apostles' teachings about the person of Christ, denying that Jesus Christ had actually come in the flesh.  In order to counter these false assertions, John reaffirmed that he and the other apostles had actually seen and touched Jesus Christ. He exhorted his readers to do several things:  to walk in the light with God and fellow Christians; to confess their sins; to love God and others; to purify themselves from worldly lusts; to follow the Spirit of truth; and to esteem Jesus Christ as God.  John stressed the importance of fellowship in order to safeguard against further division and heresy.

Introduction taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright (C) 1996. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved.


  • Book of 1John - chapter 53:40

The Book of:  1John

  • Book of 1John - chapter 44:04

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  • Book of 1John - chapter 11:52

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